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WWII Re-Enactment

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WWII Re-Enactment

Watertown, TN WWII Re-Enactment

The annual Watertown TN battle will take place Nov 15th this year, with setup and camping on Friday the 14th in the park at the train station through Sunday morning (no pre-registration required for camping). Please feel free to visit the camps - you'll get a chance to look at a piece of 'living history' up close! Once the battle begins all spectators will be asked to keep a safe distance away.

Public battles will be at 11:00AM and 2:30PM

There will be no train this year due to the schedule date change. Expect crowds to be down from previous years.

Facebook page for the Watertown battle is https://www.facebook.com/events/1472494913006529/

There is limited room for approved reenactors to participate. You must be registered to participate in the battles (see below).

Registration will be handled by the city this year. Come to the encampment area and you will be directed to registration. Please register before setting up camp. Tentative hours will be 2:00PM-9:00PM on Friday and 07:30AM-09:00AM on Saturday.

Please do not set up your camp without checking with Darrel Fisher for designated tent and parking areas.

The city has commited that food and firewood will be available to reenactors. We are still working out which meal(s).

The covered pavilion at the train station will be available to vendors and displays at a first come basis. You will not be allowed to park your vehicle at or around the pavilion. Vendor area is free, bring your own tables. Lights and power available.

There is one house between the Allied camp and the side road. Do not use their driveway for vehicle or pedestrian travel.

Photos from previous events can be found on Derek DeWeese's blog here:


Details on some of the re-enactors can be found here:

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