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Meeting Minutes (August)

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Meeting Minutes (August)

Watertown East Wilson Chamber of Commerce
August 3, 2010
Lulu’s Coffeehouse
The following members were present:
Hunter Allen                         Lulu’s Coffeehouse
Teresa Folsom                    Folsom Farms        
Lynn Daugherty & Lynnette Taylor        Wilson Bank and Trust
Laleta Shipper                    Shipper Trailer Rental & Sales
Kelly Schmelhaus                    Kake Haus
Michael & Colette Stoffel                Visionary Design Group
Beth Lee                        B & J Specialties
Robin Vance                    Vance Law Office
Jessi    Arnn                        Dead Man’s General Store
Dianne Fletcher                    JECDB of Wilson County
Jim Amero                        Jim’s Antiques
Pam Moore                        Watertown Library
Ricky & Julie Nixon                Hardware of Watertown
Donna Delmas                     Sun Graphics
Loretta Haley                    Town Square Antiques
Susan Thorton                    Thorton Metals Studio
Molly Agee                        Watertown Dance & Fitness
Marlynda & Rob Schibley                Marlynda’s Hair Salon
Sharon & Bob McComb                Watertown B & B
Bill Shults                        Three Forks Marketplace
Lynn Corlew & Sara Restina            Cherry Valley Clinic
Lew Wallace                        Lew’s Creation Station
Brenda Hawkins                    Community Volunteer
Tony St. Phillips                    Community Volunteer
Becky Jennings                    Wilson Bank & Trust
Earl Stoffel                        Community Volunteer
Mollie Agee                        Watertown Dance & Fitness
Amy Murray                        Community Volunteer

Jessi Arnn mentioned that a minor correction was needed.  The minutes stated that she would need 50-60 additional volunteers for a future Cruise-In, and she mentioned that she would need more like 5-6.  Sharon McComb made a motion to accept the minutes.  Motion was seconded by Robin Vance.  Motion carried.

Financial Report

Lynn Daughtery stated that the Chamber’s current balance is $3,573.76.  An additional $3,500 is still owed to the Chamber from the Music & Arts Festival in order to repay the Chamber’s loan to the event.  A motion was made by Donna Delmas and seconded by Beth Lee to accept the financial report.  Motion carried.

Speaker Becky Jennings from Wilson County Bank & Trust spoke about the ‚ÄúWilson County the Place to Be‚ÄĚ campaign.¬† This campaign, which was the brain child of Randall Clements, kicked off with a celebration on May 11th.¬† The purpose of this campaign is to promote the greatness of our country throughout the state and region, to encourage local people to be an active part of their community, and to encourage Wilson county residents to shop at home and support local businesses.¬† An additional goal is to help attract those outside of the area to our county.¬† Upcoming efforts include a partnership with the Wilson County Fair.¬† The fair has adopted the theme ‚ÄúWilson County the Place to Be,‚ÄĚ and there will be a photo booth where visitors can have their picture taken at the fair for a small fee.¬† All backgrounds will have the WCTPTB logo on them.¬† They are also holding a digital scavenger hunt using GPS coordinates, and the packets the winners find will include the campaign‚Äôs logo as well as tickets to the Wilson County Fair.¬† WCTPTB is also partnering with the local media to encourage use of the logo in advertising.¬† They planning committee is working with a limited budget and is asking for all of the county‚Äôs businesses to help spread the word.¬† Ways to help include using the logo in all of your media, such as print advertising, newsletters, emails, websites, etc.¬† Businesses are also encouraged to make use of the logo decals and banners, link to the website at www.wilsoncountytn.org, ‚Äúlike‚ÄĚ the campaign on Facebook, and get involved with the planning committee.

Hunter Allen followed up Becky’s speech by encouraging everyone to become involved with the planning committee, mentioning that the next meeting would be held on September 7th at the Wilson County Bank and Trust branch in Lebanon.

Old Business

Robin Vance reported on the Music & Arts Festival.  She stated that the total income for this years event (including the $3,500 loan from the Chamber) was $14,150.22.  The event’s total expenses for the year should be $13,433.19.  This would mean that they should be able to repay the loan from the Chamber and still have some money left over to start the new year.  She stated that there are still pledged donations that they have not yet received in the amount of approximately $3,000, and that the event staff is still following up on these pledges.  Robin asked if she should write a check for partial repayment of the loan from the Chamber, or wait until she could repay the loan in one lump sum.  Hunter Allen said that for now if would be fine to wait until the loan could be repaid at one time.  Robin stated that she did plan to have a wrap-up party for all of the event’s volunteers, and that the date for that party would be announced soon.  She encouraged anyone with feedback from this year’s event or suggestions for next year’s event to attend and share their thoughts.  The party will be an informal social gathering, and will include discussion of feedback and ideas as a sort of kick off for next year’s event.  Robin says that at this time she is planning to Chair the event next year.  Hunter Allen followed up Robin’s presentation with the suggestion that the volunteer staff starts working on the event earlier next year.

Susan Thornton updated the Chamber on her ideas for this year‚Äôs Wilson County Fair booth.¬† She mentioned that she loved the Watertown advertisement that ran in the Wilson County Fair insert from the most recent issue of the newspaper, and would like to have that graphic blown up to be used as a backdrop for our booth.¬† She also stated that she would like to use images of businesses and events that make Watertown unique, and have the theme of the booth be ‚ÄúWatertown, the Place to Be in Wilson County.‚Ä̬† She asked local businesses to get images and information to her that they would like to have used in the presentation.¬† Kelly Schmelhaus made some suggestions to Susan about photos that could be used for the presentation. Laleta Shipper passed around a sign up sheet so that Chamber members could sign up for shifts to work at the Chamber‚Äôs fair booth.¬† Laleta also mentioned that we need to work our ideas for giveaways at the booth, and said that one idea had been to give away old Jazz Festival t-shirts.¬† Teresa Folsom mentioned that gift certificates from businesses would also be welcome as giveaways.

Hunter Allen reported on the wrap-up of Friday Night Music on the Square.  His feelings were that the turn out was OK, but not great.  He expressed concerns about how to get local people more involved in the town’s events.  Ideas discussed were moving Music on the Square to another night or another time.  Donna Delmas said that she had spoken to several locals lately who say they never come to the square.  Members also discussed that several local residents do not read the paper or pay attention to the marquee sign on the highway.  Sharon McComb and Colette Lanham-Stoffel discussed how much radio spots featuring Watertown had helped in the past.  Kelly Schmelhaus also suggested that having a food vendor present at Music on the Square might help increase attendance.  Hunter stated that he would like to discuss more ideas for getting local residents more involved in the community at a future meeting.

Michael Stoffel updated the Chamber on the idea of having a web cam installed on the square.  He stated that the cost for the camera and the software would be at least $1,000.  Many people had he talked with had quoted him higher prices, and the cost would be even higher if the equipment was leased.  Hunter Allen stated that if we still felt that a camera was needed, we should not consider cost an issue.  A vote was taken to determine who was still interested in pursuing the camera, and a majority was still interested in doing so.

\New Business

Hunter Allen mentioned that a billboard on the highway would be available for lease soon, and that we could find out details if anyone would be interested in renting it.

Hunter discussed the need for a sign on the square to announce events.  He mentioned that he would like Sharon McComb’s involvement, since the sign would have to be approved by the Historic Commission.  Members discussed the pros and cons of having the sign located on the square.  Donna Delmas mentioned that if people are already not coming to the square, they would not see the sign.  Hunter stated that he was thinking of the locals who only drive on Main Street and bypass the highway, missing the marquee sign.  Hunter suggested that a committee be formed to pursue the idea and report back at the next meeting.  Sharon McComb, Donna Delmas, Susan Thornton, Kelly Schmelhaus, and Colette Lanham-Stoffel were the Chamber members selected to form the committee.

Members discussed the New Leash On Life Art Crawl scheduled for August 28th.  Host businesses include Kake Haus Pastry Shop, Lulu’s Coffee House, Lew’s Creation Station, and Thornton Metals Studio.  Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the doors and include wine and cheese.  Profits go to New Leash on Life, a no-kill animal shelter.  Last year’s event brought approximately 2,000 people to town, so this should be a good event for us.  Colette Lanham-Stoffel mentioned that more information about the event was online at www.newleashonline.org. She also stated that Three Forks Marketplace was an event sponsor, so event information is linked on their website as well.

Hunter Allen mentioned that a Business After Hours had been scheduled by Visionary Design and Dead Man’s General Store for August 26th, and asked if that was still happening.  Jessi Arnn mentioned that Dead Man’s General Store may be moving, so there may be a conflict with that date.  She said that she would follow up with Laleta if there was a need to change the plans, so that Laleta could notify the members.

Bill Schultz briefly reported that the committee formed to work on the Phillips House has made some progress.  They are currently at work researching costs for restoration.  They have also been brainstorming ideas for what the restored home could be used for.

Laleta Shipper stated that the Lion’s Club had held a food drive, and the food was currently being stored in the Phillips House.  They have requested help in spreading the word that the food is available to those in need.  If anyone is in need, they should contact City Hall.  Sharon McComb made the suggestion that local churches be notified that the food is available.

Hunter Allen announced that a ribbon cutting ceremony would be held at Marlynda’s Hair Salon directly following the Chamber meeting.  He encouraged all members to attend.

The drawing was held for the August Star, with the winner being announced as Jay Chesley Real Estate.

Sharon McComb announced that Historic Watertown now has travel coffee mugs for sale at a cost of $6 each.

A motion was made by Donna Delmas to adjourn the meeting.
Motion was seconded by Jim Amero.
Motion carried.