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Meeting Minutes (September)

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Meeting Minutes (September)

Watertown East Wilson Chamber of Commerce
September 7, 2010
Meeting Minutes

The September meeting for the Watertown East Wilson Chamber of Commerce was held on September 7, 2010 at the Dining Car.

President Hunter Allen welcomed those in attendance and called the meeting to order.
The following members and visitors attended:

Hunter Allen                         Lulu’s Coffeehouse    
Teresa Folsom                    Folsom Farms        
Lynn Daugherty                    Wilson Bank and Trust
Laleta Shipper                    Shipper Trailer Rental and Sales
Kelly Schmelhaus                    Kake Haus
Colette Stoffel                    Visionary Design Group
Beth Lee                        B & J Specialties
Robin Vance                        Vance Law Office
Jessi    Arnn                        Dead Man’s General Store
G. C. Hixon                        JECDB of Wilson County
Jim Amero                        Jim’s Antiques
Pam Moore                        Watertown Library
Mark Pody                        46th State Representative Candidate
Marie Papini                        WTES Counselor 5-8
Jenny Hawley                    WTES Counselor K-4
Ricky & Julie Nixon                    Hardware of Watertown
Donna Delmas & Pat Jackson            Sun Graphics
Joyce Robertson & Loretta Haley            Town Square Antiques
Susan Thorton                    Thorton Metals Studio
T. Luipersbeck                    Dining Car
Molly Agee                        Watertown Dance & Fitness

Minutes from Last Meeting
NO minutes were available from the last meeting.  Officers discussed that the previous month’s minutes would be available for approval at the October meeting.

Financial Report
Lynn Daughtery stated that the Chamber’s current balance is $2,926.26.  An additional $3,500 is still owed to the Chamber from the Music & Arts Festival in order to repay the Chamber’s loan to the event.  The Chamber officers discussed that Robin Vance, chairperson for the Music & Arts Festival, would be present later in the meeting to discuss the status of the loan.  A motion was made by Rick Nelson and seconded by Laleta Shipper to accept the financial report.  Motion carried.

Pam Moore from the Watertown Public Library addressed those present at the meeting.  She began by thanking everyone for their help with her transition as she began her work at the library.  Pam then discussed some of her new ideas and the new developments at the library.  She mentioned that a lot of kids come into the library after school, and because of this traffic she is considering developing a Teen Advisory Board as a way to get the kids involved with the library and gain feedback from them about the types of programs they would like to see.  Pam also mentioned that the Summer Reading Program was a huge success, and they have already chosen the theme for next year—a multicultural theme called “One World, Many Stories.”  During Fall Break, Leland Statum will be visiting the library to read to the youth and talk to them about storms and weather.  Pam is hoping to create a “thank you” basket for him full of Watertown items, and would like anyone who is able to contribute items to the basket.  Pam is also hoping that Lisa Patton will be available to visit the library for a similar program during Winter Break. Other new developments at the library included plans for a Family Night and the arrival of some new technology.  While a date has not yet been set for the Family Night, Pam hopes for it to be a night of games, food, and family fun that will encourage entire families to get involved in the library together.  The new technology Pam discussed included the new Playaway books on tape, which she said are great for working out, and the new Sony E-Reader, which will allow you to download e-books for free using your library card.  As always, Pam encouraged everyone to stop by the library at any time with feedback.  

Old Business & Events

Chamber members revisited the discussion about placing a sign for events on the public square.  The committee formed by Sharon McComb, Donna Delmas, and Susan Thornton to explore options pertaining to the sign was addressed for feedback, and Donna Delmas spoke on behalf of the committee.  She mentioned that the committee’s recommendation is not to add any more visual noise to the square by adding a sign there; stressing that if our goal is to target the people who never come to the square they will never see the sign anyway.  The committee recommends that if the Chamber still feels a sign is necessary, we should consider renovating the sign on the building where Jim’s Antiques is located in a way that it can be used to suite our purposes.  Donna also reminded members of the Chamber that this idea originally came about as a project idea for Joe Decker, an Eagle Scout.  

Hunter Allen mentioned that Joe Decker may choose not to do this project, but that he still feels that a sign is a good idea for the Chamber to explore.  Donna mentioned that we could add a marquee to the sign on Jim’s building, and Hunter mentioned that using that sign would prevent us from having to find another location.  Teresa Folsom mentioned that we at least need a way to notify passers-by of upcoming events, such as Santa on the Square.  Donna mentioned that if we added a marquee to the sign on Jim’s building, the marquee could be used for that purpose.  Various members discussed the visibility of that sign, and whether or not it would be seen by anyone who did not already see the sign on Hwy 70.  Pat Jackson and Hunter Allen went on to discuss the idea of a more portable sandwich board style sign to notify people of events, and Joyce mentioned that a more portable sign could be moved on a case by case basis to the locations with the most traffic on any given day.  Teresa said that was more what she had in mind, and Pat suggested doing both the sandwich board sign and renovation of the sign on Jim’s building.  Discussion of the sign concluded with Hunter Allen asking the committee to bring estimates of our options to the next meeting.

Robin Vance was not yet present at the meeting to discuss give the Music and Arts Festival Report.

Laleta Shipper passed around a sign-up sheet so that those in attendance could sign up to take part in committees for upcoming Chamber events.

New Business

A committee was formed by Pat Jackson, Susan Thornton, and Beth Lee to gather nominations for the 2011 Chamber Officers.

Colette Lanham-Stoffel suggested that in the future, we elect new Chamber officers in advance so that they can have some time to work with the preceding officers and learn more about the jobs.

Colette went on to discuss rack cards featuring Watertown events. The rack cards would be similar to the brochures that Visionary Design did for the Chamber’s booth at the Wilson County Fair, but would be more streamlined.  The card one be one sheet, two-sided, and would include an event schedule, a town map, and other information that would be useful specifically for visitors to the town.  The main use for the cards would be for the train and event days.  Colette’s proposal was that Visionary Design would split the cost of the rack cards with the Chamber and Historic Watertown, which would make the cost for 5,000 cards $200 for each group.  Laleta said that the money was in the budget, but that we would have to be careful with the budget until the loan to the Watertown Music & Arts Festival is repaid.  Rick Nelson made a motion get the rack cards, as long as Historic Watertown also agrees to split the cost.  Susan Thornton seconded the motion, and the motion was carried.

Hunter Allen mentioned that there has been a request to include library events on the town’s marquee sign on Hwy 70.  He asked if there was any discussion needed regarding the request, and there was none, so he said we would go ahead with it.

Hunter mentioned that interest seems to have died down about the camera on the square because vandalism has quieted down, but that there had been another recent incident of vandalism on the corner of the square by Vance Law Office and Visionary Design.  Hunter asked for a show of hands of who is still interested in pursuing the camera, and a majority was still interested.  Rick Nelson stated that he is opposed to the camera and believes that many are hesitant to move forward with it because of the expense.  He suggested that we consider hiring security personnel to patrol the square.  Hunter stated that the security would have to be 24 hours and would become more expensive.  Rick also mentioned that the camera footage would not hold up in court.

Teresa Folsom reminded Chamber members that another reason that we were considering a camera on the square was the promotion of the town.  Beth Lee asked if the City would help cover the cost of the camera, and Hunter stated that he has never received a definite answer from them.  

Pat Jackson asked to review the cost of the camera, and Colette Lanham-Stoffel stated that the total cost for one camera would be $2,000.  A more thorough town security system using multiple cameras at multiple angles would be $400 per month.  

Hunter reiterated that the original idea for the use of the camera was promotion of the town.  Security was considered a secondary benefit, simply because people will be less likely to engage in vandalism if they know they may be recorded.  Kelly Schmelhaus suggested approaching the businesses in and around the square and asking them to contribute $50 toward the cost of the camera, and then asking the Watertown Police to match the amount raised.  Hunter stated that he believes the cost to be one issue regarding installing the camera, but not the main factor, and that he believes if we want to do it we should regardless of the cost.

Donna Delmas made a motion for the Chamber to purchase a camera for $2,000, and Laleta requested the addition of an amendment stating that the camera would be purchased if the funds were available.  Jim Amero seconded the amended motion and the motion was carried.  Chamber members continued to discuss the camera, asking whether or not it could zoom in on an image and where it should be mounted.  Hunter stated that the location of the camera could be determined at a later date and would depend up on the view we hoped to capture.

Robin Vance joined the meeting and addressed the Chamber about the status of the Music & Arts Festival.  She passed a Budget Overview sheet around to Chamber members depicting the current status of the event’s budget.  There is still $2,750 in outstanding pledges not yet received for the event, and $2,500 of that amount is from Nashville Eastern Railroad.  She mentioned that she could write a check now to repay the loan of $3,500 from the Chamber, but that the balance in the event’s account would be tight, and it would be better if she could wait until she has received the pledge from the railroad.  Hunter Allen asked if the railroad was backing out, and Robin said that they have assured her that they are not.  She mentioned that the railroad’s president has a new secretary who is not as familiar with the event, and that may be partially responsible for the delay.  Robin mentioned that she does still have bills to pay related to the event, and Laleta Shipper stated that it was important for her to have the funds available to pay the bills for the event.  Laleta said that the Chamber could hold off on some of our planned expenditures until we have been repaid for the loan.  Robin stated that she could write a check immediately, and still have enough money to pay the outstanding bills, but that it would leave very little in the account.  Hunter Allen stated that he was fine with her repaying the loan from the Chamber whenever she was comfortable doing so, as long as it doesn’t take too much longer.  Laleta suggested that Robin pay the outstanding bills first, and then write a check to the Chamber for a comfortable amount as a partial payment, and then pay the remainder at a later date.

Robin concluded by stating that she would still like to schedule a wrap-up party for this year’s event, where volunteers could provide feedback about this year’s festival and begin discussion about next year’s festival.  She mentioned that she would like to hold the party at Lulu’s and wanted to talk to others about setting a date.  Donna Delmas suggested that Robin and Hunter settle on a date and then email it out to the Chamber members.

The Watertown Public Library was drawn as the September Star on www.watertowntn.com.

Hunter Allen discussed the Chamber’s upcoming events.  
The Fall Mile Long Yard Sale will be on October 2nd.
The next Chamber meeting will be on October 5th at Nona Lisa Pizzeria.
There will be a Train Robbery excursion on October 16th.
Halloween and Trick-or-Treating on the Square will be held on October 30th.
The November Chamber meeting will be held on the 2nd at Subway.
The first visit of Santa on the Square will be November 22nd
On December 2nd the Chamber will have a Team Building event.  This will be a potluck supper where we will wrap up and celebrate the year, and give recognition to those who have helped out throughout the year.  The location will be announced at a later date, and an RSVP will be asked for.  More details will be discussed at a future meeting.

A motion was made by Pat Jackson to adjourn the meeting.  Motion was seconded by Donna Delmas.  Motion carried.


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