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Meeting Minutes (Jan)

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Meeting Minutes (Jan)

Watertown East Wilson Chamber of Commerce

January 5, 2010

Meeting Minutes


The January meeting for the Watertown East Wilson Chamber of Commerce was

January 5, 2010 at 12:00 held at LuLu’s Coffeehouse.


President Hunter Allen welcomed those in attendance and called the meeting to order. The following were members and visitors attending.

Hunter Allen                            Lulu’s Coffeehouse

Laleta Shipper                          Shipper Trailer Rental and Sales

Teresa Folsom                         Folsom Farms

Lynn Daugherty                       Wilson Bank & Trust

Lynette Taylor                         Wilson Bank & Trust

Jerry & Beth Lee                     B J Specialties

Jim Amero                               Jim’s Antiques

Jessi Arnn                                Dead Man’s General Store

Lew Wallace                            Lew’s Creation Station

Gary Reynolds                         Community Volunteer

Michael & Colette Stoffel        Visionary Design

Patrick Jackson                                    Sun Graphics

Donna Delmas                         Sun Graphics

Jane Scott                                Kake Haus

Diane Fletcher                         JECDB of Wilson County

Lynn Corlew                            Cherry Valley Family Care

Sara Restina                             Cherry Valley Family Care


Old Business

The minutes were approved for the meeting of December 1, 2009 of the Watertown East Chamber of Commerce.  A motion was made by Jim Amero and a second by Patrick Jackson to accept these minutes, motion carried.

Lynn Daughtery presented the financial report, with a current account balance of $4,881.71.  A motion was made by Laleta Shipper and a second by Teresa Folsom to accept the report, motion carried.

Angel Tree Report - Hunter Allen presented a message of thanks for the Angel Tree project, to the organization and those who participated as volunteers and those who contributed by donations.  Teresa Folsom reported the beginning balance for Angel Tree was approximately $1,500.00 and approximately $8,500.00 was additionally raised totaling $10,000.00.  36 people received food baskets and 230 children received gifts.  The current balance remaining is $2,405.05.  Laleta Shipper suggested focusing next year on solicitations of cash donations, cases of food and larger toy items such as bikes and skateboards, general toy donations were excellent.  All 3 individuals involved in this report expressed sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Christmas on the Square ‚Äď Hunter Allen expressed appreciation of community involvement and special thanks to those in charge of decorations.¬† Decorations will be stored in Fire Department Building.¬† Discussion consisted of making an even larger event and continuing to improve, seeking additional weekends for trains.¬† Letters to Santa received a good response suggestions made to request return addresses.

February Train ‚Äď scheduled for February 13th Valentine Train, discussion of activities, refreshments, music and utilization of gazebo for pictures and possible use of Phillips house for artists.

Music and Arts Festival ‚Äď report desired from Robin Vance Kent at next meeting to update on progress.

New Business

Membership Dues ‚Äď Hunter Allen reported notifications have been made to members of current dues.¬† Records will be maintained of payments received and those past due. Dues will not be prorated but divided at mid year.¬† (Full price if becoming member within first 6 months, half price if becoming member in remaining six months) ¬†

Website ‚Äď revisions need to be made to bring information current, listing of current members, contact information for new members and event listings.¬† A discussion was held concerning web page being a community and/or city website and each organization having a section on site, and links to local business websites.¬† Suggestions made to form Website committee consisting of Michael and Colette Stoffel and Laleta Shipper.

Beth Lee suggested keeping community informed of chamber information by submitting meeting highlights to Gazette for publication.

Upcoming year plans ‚Äď Hunter Allen reviewed plans to implement committees to organize each event throughout the year and members are to sign up as a volunteer for committees or appointment will be made where needed.¬† Laleta Shipper led discussion pertaining to businesses assisting in ways to cover expenses if physical involvement was not an option.¬† Teresa Folsom commented planning ahead will be extremely important.¬† Jim Amero suggested advertising for chamber in local papers.

The appointment of a retail liaison will be made to coordinate with local retailers for their involvement in supporting the local events.  The liaison will be Jessie Arnn.

Dates were set for July 4th parade to be on July 3rd.  Halloween on the Square for October 30th.  

Discussion was made of designing a local map of community and retailers to be given out on train excursions and events.  

Discussion was held to provide monthly maintenance for trolley; Jerry Lee suggested contacting the Lebanon Vocational Center to possibly utilize the student program there.  Also a regular driver of the trolley will be established to use for events.  

Discussion was held to purchase a Santa Suit and camera for future use.  Jim Amero made a motion to approve the purchase and to gather cost information for next meeting.  Second made by Laleta Shipper, discussion closed and motion carried.

Spotlight on Members will be implemented again in future meetings.  Next meeting set for February 2nd at The Dining Car 12:00.

A motion was made by Jerry Lee to adjourn and second by Jim Amero.