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Stars, Stripes, and Squirt Guns Parade

Stars, Stripes, and Squirt Guns Parade



Theme: Stars, Stripes and Squirtguns

Tuesday, JULY 4TH,  3:00 p.m.

Once again the Watertown Chamber of Commerce is hosting our annual parade in Watertown in honor of the Fourth of July and Independence Day! We are quickly becoming know for our tradition of ‘getting wet’ and we will continue again this year! Bring your squirt guns and water ballons, because it’s time for "Stars, Stripes and Squirt Guns"!

Again this year there will be a NO-squirt zone. At the end of the parade we will have a section of participants who do NOT wish to get wet, and will NOT be carrying any squirt guns or water. While we all enjoy getting a little wet on a hot July afternoon, there are some who can not, however they do wish to participate and honor our Independence Day tradition. If you would like to enter the parade and NOT get wet there is a section on the entry form to indicate this.

You can download a PDF copy of the application below.
(Please make sure your entry is received no later than July 1st).



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Click on the link below for a .pdf Sign-Up Form

Download 2017 Sign-Up Form





•    All entries must be received no later than July 1st in order to be included in the parade.
•    $20 Entry Fee for Political Candidates, Political Campaigns or Organizations, and Businesses.
•    No Entry Fee for Non-Profit Organizations, Schools, Churches, and Non-Business Individuals.
•    All entrants are asked to be at the line-up (Watertown Elementary School) no later than
      2:00PM on July 4th.   Judging will be held PRIOR to the parade.
•    You may only squirt your water gun at someone that is armed. No pressure hoses.

For Information contact Tim @ 702-245-0702, Pam Wiggins (Watertown Library) at 615-237-9700 or Jim Amero (Jim's Antiques)at 615-237-1777

Return entry form to: P.O. Box 5, Watertown, TN 37184 or email to watertown@wilsoncolibrary.org, or return to Watertown Wilson Bank & Trust or Jim's Antiques on the square.

The parade goes from Watertown Elementary to the end of East Main Street in Watertown.

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

Best regards,

The Watertown Chamber of Commerce


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