September 2015

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Historic Watertown Agenda

What's Happening in Watertown, TN
There's always something happening in Watertown - even if it's just some good, old fashioned relaxation!

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Historic Watertown Agenda - March

 Call to Order:  Sharon McComb

Minutes:  Gloria Mallory

Treasurers Report:  Sandra Sewell

Proposed Budget for 2010

Old Business/ Committee Reports:
    Ag Pavilion:  Bob McComb
    Library Kiosk:  Sharon McComb
    Archives:  Glen Beard
        Sharon has info for Glen
    Atwood Center: Becky Taylor
    Phillips House:  Sharon McComb
    Committee Sign up Sheet
    Chautauqua Suggestions
    Web Site

Fundraising Proposed
    Historic Watertown Bags
    Books (money for Sandra)
    Brush Creek Train Ride (May 15 & Oct. 16)