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Historic Watertown Meeting Minutes - April

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Historic Watertown Meeting Minutes - April

Minutes of April 5, 2010

The following were in attendance at the April 5, 2010 meeting of Historic Watertown:  Susan Thornton, Teresa Folsom, Peggy Simpson, Becky Taylor, Lisa Chesley, Bob McComb, Andrew Johnson, Glen Beard, Ben Powell, Allison Pierce, Donna Delmas, Steve Brown, Sharon McComb, John Cisco, Sandra Sewell and Gloria Mallory.

The meeting was held at the Watertown Library and called to order by President Sharon McComb.

Motion was made by Peggy Simpson to approve the March 1, 2010 minutes as submitted.  Seconded by Becky Taylor.

Treasurer reported current balances as follows:  Ag Pavilion $31,302.60, Gen Account $24,999.85, Welcome Center $2,238.77, Depot $1997.50 – Total $60,538.22

Ag Pavilion:  Funds are currently available for the pavilion.  Glen Beard and Ben Thomas indicated that gravel will be needed for this project.  We will see if additional funds will be available from the USDA or other sources.  Portable restroom facilities will be required on an ongoing basis.  Subject will be discussed with the City to determine if they will provide this facility.  A listing of additional needs and estimated costs will be submitted by Glen Beard and Teresa Folsom.  The Ag Pavilion Committee is currently working on rules and regulations for the Ag Pavilion.

Lisa Chesley reported an estimate of $2,320 for landscaping services for the 2010 season.  This can be reduced from $290.00 per month (8 mo season) to $275.00 per month if pine straw is used in lieu of black mulch.  Discussed and agreed that the pine straw would not be an option.  Motion was made by Becky Taylor and seconded by Susan Thornton to authorize Lisa Chesley to further negotiate the charge for this service.  Motion carried.

Becky Taylor reported that the Bike Ride arrangements have been completed at the High School.  No showers to be provided this year.    3 rest stops have been arranged.  Volunteers will be needed to furnish baked goods (cookies, bars, finger foods),  help with registration and rest stops.  Additional volunteers will be needed if complimentary bags are required.  

Usage of Grant for County was discussed.  Suggested uses:  lighting for the square, new benches, repair of current benches both on the square and by the railroad track – potential joint project with the Chamber.  Lisa Chesley to investigate the cost of new benches.

Welcome Center – Becky Taylor has obtained a bid for multiple repairs at $2,600.  Discussion revealed that this needed to be deferred and additional bids obtained.  Donna Delmas moved that repair of the railings be made immediately at an estimated cost of $300.00 - motion seconded by Sandra Sewell.  Motion carried.  Glen Beard moved that electrical and plumbing repairs be made as needed and seconded by Sandra Sewell.  Motion carried.  Decision on painting deferred at this time.

Sandra Sewell reported a cost of  $8.00/9.00 for water bottles to be sold as fund raiser.  Minimum of 72 required to be purchased at this price.  Sandra is to obtain detailed pricing and report at next meeting.  Bob McComb requested that we check to see if any conflict in our selling any product at a profit.  Sharon McComb to check and report at the next meeting.  

Phillips House – Sharon McComb read a letter from Randall Clemons with his offer to transfer title to this property.  Much discussion involved the necessary improvements as well as potential uses for the property.  It was ultimately decided that we would pursue seeking an investor group to complete  renovations.  Motion was made by Susan Thornton and seconded by Teresa Folsom that an RFP would be prepared outlining this proposed action and presented to Randall Clemons.  Motion carried.  Steve Brown and Susan Thornton are to prepare this document for presentation with a proposed time line of two weeks.

Meeting adjourned.  Next scheduled meeting Monday, May 3, 2010.