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Historic Watertown Meeting Minutes - March

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Historic Watertown Meeting Minutes - March

The following were in attendance at the March 1, 2010 meeting of Historic Watertown:
Debbie Robertson, Susan Thornton, Teresa Folsom, Peggy Simpson, Marlene Robinson, Becky Taylor, Donna Delmas, Gary Reynolds, Collette Stoffel, Glen Beard, Ben Thomas Powell, John Cisco, Sharon McComb, Sandra Sewell and Gloria Mallory.

The meeting was held at the Watertown Library and called to order by President Sharon McComb.

Minutes of the January 4th meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer reported current balances of General Account $24,411.50, Ag Pavilion $31,296.60, Welcome Center $2,236.77 and Depot Account $1,997.50 – Total $59,942.37.

2010 proposed budget was reviewed line by line. After discussion Susan Thornton made a motion to approve and Becky Taylor seconded. Motion carried and approved by attendees.

Ag Pavilion status update by Sharon McComb for Bob McComb – project mostly completed.

Library Kiosk - picture of proposed display case for archives reviewed.

Bike Ride – Becky Taylor reported that school and a couple of facilities have already been arranged.

Archives – Glen Beard discussed obtaining a copy of Mike Hunter’s material for the archives. Also discussed the potential of working on a history of beauty shops in Watertown as well as Vantrease Studios.

Phillips House – Historic Watertown received professional advice that use of our 501.C.3 for Phillips House renovation was not recommended since we do not own the property.

Committee sign-up sheet was distributed

Chautauqua suggestions requested – Brenda Vantrease potential guest.

Fund raisers – sale of mugs – discussion of types – no decision – further information needed – Sandra Sewell to obtain additional information of cost. Cemetery walk potential fund raiser for Halloween – more information and discussion at a later date.

Beautification – Gary Reynolds and Lisa Chelsey will continue with this project.

Website – Peggy Simpson will collect information for the site.

Debbie Robertson was welcomed as a new member.

Peggy Simpson moved to adjourn. Motion seconded.

Next meeting Monday, April 5, 2010 @ 7:00 p Watertown Library