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Historic Watertown Meeting Minutes - June

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Historic Watertown Meeting Minutes - June

Historic Watertown Minutes of June 7, 2010 Meeting

The following were in attendance at the June 7, 2010 meeting of Historic Watertown:  Sandra Sewell, Sharon McComb, Donna Delmas, Bob McComb, Teresa Folsom, Colette, Stoffel, Glen Beard and Gloria Mallory.

Meeting was called to order by Sharon McComb.

Sharon McComb read Wilson Bank and Trust response to Historic Watertown offer to take possession of Phillips House.  WBT will not accept the offer as presented.  

Glen Beard moved to accept the minutes from the May Meeting as distributed.  Teresa Folsom seconded.  Motion carried.

Sandra Sewell reported account balances:  General account $22,571.52, Welcome center $280.74, Ag Pavilion $31,102.27 and Depot acct $1,997.50, Total $55,952.03.

Glen Beard had nothing to report regarding Archives.

Teresa Folsom reported regarding the Ag Pavilion:  Waiting for meeting with Mike Hunter to discuss use of a portion of this property.  Need to finalize with the contractor.  Mayor wants ribbon cutting before opening – will probably be deferred.  Contractor will be paid this week.

Sharon McComb reported that the bike ride was very successful with 220 participants.  Reviews were favorable.

Sandra Sewell reported regarding promotional mugs:   can be purchased with Historic Watertown on front and blank on the back – color will be purple – cost of 144 will be 3.21 – cost of 96 will be 3.76 – 2 week turnaround to order.  Motion was made by Donna Delmas to order 144 mugs – seconded by Gloria Mallory.  Motion carried.

Sharon McComb reported that the Library Desk was in place.  The desk was placed in memory of the parents of Sharon McComb.

July 5th meeting will be a Pot Luck at the B&B – 5:30.  

Motion was made to adjourn by Sandra Sewell – seconded by Bob McComb.  Motion carried.