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Historic Watertown Minutes

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Historic Watertown Meeting Minutes - October

Historic Watertown Minutes of October 4, 2010

The following were in attendance at the October 4, 2010 meeting:  John Cisco, Molly Anderson, William Anderson, Bob McComb, Teresa Folsom, Jim Amero, Becky Taylor, Sharon McComb, Sandra Sewell, Gloria Mallory

Meeting was called to order by Sharon McComb.

William and Molly Anderson presented a check for $1,000.00 from the Veloteers for the 2010 Big Hill Climb Bike Challenge.   Next year’s event is scheduled for May 11, 2011.

Motion made by Teresa Folsom and Seconded by Sandra Sewell to accept September minutes as distributed.

Sandra Sewell reported the following balances:  General Account $23,479.97, Depot Account $1,997.50, Ag Pavilion Acct $2,263.87, Welcome Ctr Acct $280.74 – Total $28,022.08

Jim Amero reported that the Fall Yard Sale went well overall.  The reduced advertising expenditure had no noticeable affect on attendance or vendor participation.  Sammy Forbes contributed $25.00 for the Hwy 70 participants to be applied to advertising costs.   We need to create a situation which will pull shoppers to Watertown earlier in the day.  Ideas will be discussed for next year’s spring sale.

Nothing to report on archives.

Becky Taylor reported that a work day is needed for the Welcome Center.  This has been scheduled for October 21st at 9:00.  The plan to have the work completed by an individual has fallen through.  Becky will be seeking another person to  complete the electrical and plumbing work needed.

Teresa Folsom reported that the Ag Pavilion will be open until October 30th.
Teresa Folsom also reported that the Train Robbery will be held October 16th.  A planning meeting for all participants will be held at Lulu’s on October 14th at 6:00.  

Becky Taylor reported that the Tour of Homes is being discussed.  Contacts and potential participants are being contacted for scheduling.

Sharon McComb adjourned the meeting.

Next meeting November 1, 2010  7:00 PM Watertown Library

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