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Historic Watertown Minutes

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Historic Watertown Meeting Minutes - August

Historic Watertown Minutes of August 2, 2010

The following were in attendance at the August 2, 2010 meeting of Historic Watertown:  Sharon McComb, Bob McComb, John Cisco, Glen Beard, Donna Delmas,  Gloria Mallory

Meeting was called to order by Sharon McComb.

Motion was made by Bob McComb and seconded by Glen Beard to accept the minutes of the June 7th meeting and the called meeting of July 8th as distributed.

Treasurers Report was made by Sharon McComb in Sandra Sewell’s absence.  Balances as follows:  Ag Pavilion $27,463.58, Gen Acct $21,753.63, Welcome Ctr $280.74, Depot $1,997.50 for total of $51,495.45

Glen Beard reported that a few items had been added to the archives.  

Nothing to report regarding the welcome center.

Bob McComb reported that the Ag Pavilion operation was going well.  Attendance of vendors has been good.  Decision was made to waive vendor fees.

Sharon McComb reported that the new Historic Watertown mugs were available for sale at 6.00 each.  Mugs will be placed in some of the local businesses for sale.

Susan Thornton will handle the Fair Booth assignments.  Anyone available for working the booth should contact Susan for scheduling.

Sharon McComb reported that the renewal insurance policy for Historic Watertown had been delivered.  Approximately the same premium as last year at ~900.00.

Glen Beard discussed the Honor Flights available for flights free to Washington for veterans.  They need donations to pay for the flights of those accompanying the veterans.

Motion was made by Bob McComb and seconded by Glen Beard to adjourn.

Next meeting scheduled for September 13, 2010  - 7:00 Watertown Library