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Historic Watertown Minutes

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Historic Watertown Meeting Minutes - July

Historic Watertown Called Meeting
July 8, 2010
7:00 PM Watertown Library

Attending:  Bill Shults, Peggy Simpson, Sandra Sewell, John Sewell, Glen Beard, Bob McComb, Sharon McComb, Susan Thornton, Steve Brown, Gloria Mallory

Purpose of meeting:  Discussion of Phillips House Preservation

Meeting was called to order by President, Sharon McComb. 
She introduced Bill Shults, owner of Three Forks Market

Bill Shults proposed a combined effort involving East Wilson Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club and Historic Watertown, Inc.  CC and Lions Club have already voted to form a committee to study the feasibility of the preservation of Phillips House

It is proposed that the building be deeded to Historic Watertown, Inc., however, the renovation and maintenance would be a combined effort involving all three organizations.

It will be proposed to Wilson Bank & Trust that they replace the roof and continue the landscaping of the property.  The renovation will be proposed as a multi-year project to allow for fundraising to support the project.

It will be proposed that the City of Watertown provide the water/sewer for the property.

After a discussion of various concerns, legal ramifications of HWI deed acceptance and potential use of the property, a motion (submitted by Susan Thornton, seconded by Sandra Sewell) was made to proceed with HWI committee involvement to pursue a study of the feasibility of proceeding with the preservation of Phillips House.  Steve Brown requested an amendment to the motion to name Peggy Simpson and Susan Thornton as the two HWI representatives for the committee.  Peggy Simpson declined and Bob McComb was named to be the representative.  Sharon McComb made a motion that Gloria Mallory be named as alternate committee representative and secretary of the committee. Vote was taken and motion carried unanimously. 

Motion to adjourn was submitted by Peggy Simpson and seconded by Sandra Sewell.  Motion carried